Sunday, April 17, 2016

What can you do...?

So... New blog title, new style, new beggining, jobless beggining. I recently lost my job, I was a journalist at the local newspaper/web page. I wrote many interesting stories, meet many interesting people and... I was pretty miserable... not because of the job, but because I couldn't write about things that I like. So, now I am taking everything into my hands and I am going to write about things that are interesting and important to everyone.

The other thing is, I got married, so that story showed me that many newlyweds have very tough time to organize everything. I like organizing things and wedding was a great opportunity to improve my organizing skills. I am going to try make that day easier to everyone.

Besides that, when you are unemployed you have plenty of free time so I am trying new things. I am learning how to cook, gardening, I am cleaning and doing all of that "desperate housewifes" chores 

So...lets begin...

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